Build Collagen Naturally For Youthful Skin: Here's How

Published: 10th February 2009
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If you want to build collagen naturally, you must already be aware that collagen is a vital natural building block to healthy skin.

There's more than one effective collagen cream remedy, but many, many more that can never be effective. Here's the big difference: products that claim to reduce wrinkles because they contain collagen are useless to your skin; collagen is too large a molecule to penetrate the skin. Applied to the skin in a cream, the collagen will just remain there till you wash it off.

To regain more youthful skin, your body must build collagen naturally, and a true collagen cream remedy will contain ingredients that stimulate the body to do just that.

This article will examine in detail just one ingredient. It may be the most effective ingredient available today to build collagen naturally. It's Cynergy TK.

Cynergy TK stimulates the regrowth of collagen and elastin

This is a primary reason you get lines and wrinkles as you get older: You start losing the collagen in your skin. Cynergy TK actually stimulates your own collagen to grow. In clinical trials it stimulated not only the regrowth of collagen but also that other vital skin protein, elastin. As your collagen and elastin levels increase, your wrinkles slowly and surely fade and disappear. Your skin regains its youthful softness and flexibility.

Scientific studies also showed specifically that Cynergy TK stimulates the production of new skin cells. An element of Cynergy TK (called Functional Keratin) contains both zinc and copper protein complexes, in low concentrations, which are useful for both the repair and maintenance of the skin. They work to restore the skin's ability to heal itself.

Both zinc and copper, when bound to a protein, have been shown to be effective in regenerating new tissue. They appear to do this by increasing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. In other words, they build collagen naturally; elastin, too. More of those two natural skin building blocks bring increased thickness to the outer layer of the skin. That results in a reduction of fine lines and reduction in the depth of wrinkles.

(You may have heard an aging person say, "My skin is paper-thin." You may have even said it yourself. There's a lot of truth to this remark. Aging skin, as it loses collagen and elastin, does grow thinner and dryer.)

The proteins in Cynergy TK increase your skin's thickness and firmness significantly, rapidly and long-term. They increase your skin's elasticity and moisture retention. Furthermore, the proteins in Cynergy TK can and do penetrate deeply into the skin, build collagen naturally and help the skin to retain moisture.

Of course, even a great ingredient like Cynergy TK won't perform at its best without the addition of other natural skin builders to complement its effects.

I name much more than one effective collagen cream remedy on my website. All of them will build collagen naturally.

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