Paraben Free Face Care - How to Find Paraben Free Lotions and Creams

Published: 09th February 2009
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These days, I have no trouble finding paraben free face care products. This is a big improvement over just a few years ago.

Paraben free lotions and creams are only a beginning toward safe, effective skin care, in my opinion -- but it's a great beginning.

Why do I say that?

After all, lots of experts disagree with me. The FDA says parabens are safe. And the biggest names in cosmetic products say they're necessary as preservatives. Sorry, but I don't really believe either one.

There have been many concerns raised in the last decade or longer about parabens. And the best lotions and creams I've ever used have been paraben free. So who says they're necessary?

Now a quick look at safety concerns.

Some synthetic chemicals, including several of the parabens, are able to interfere with the function of our hormones. These chemicals are called hormone disruptors -- also called endocrine disruptors -- because they imitate the chemical makeup of our natural hormones, and they fool the body into treating them just like natural hormones.

The result is, parabens can cause disturbing changes in the body, including these findings in various studies:

-- disruption of natural hormones, even at very low doses

-- reproductive effects (such as low sperm counts, among other things) at very low doses

-- brain and nervous system effects.

And another study found parabens -- most likely absorbed through the skin -- in many cancerous breast tumors.

Parabens are found in thousands of personal care products, face creams and lotions, deodorants, shampoos, even toothpaste. Luckily, they're easy to spot. The names all end in paraben.

Some examples are benzylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, and propylparaben.

I check every personal care product I and my family use, and reject every one that is not paraben free.

The most exciting fact I can tell you is something I indicated earlier: I have done the research and found cutting-edge paraben free lotions and creams.

See my website for more details on paraben free face care.

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Kathryn Lane is a health and nutrition researcher. She says the most valuable and effective products she finds are rarely the most expensive or the most advertised. Check out her website:

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